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KDS v3.2.0 #pragma GCC pop_options broken

Question asked by Carl Norman on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by Bob Paddock

I have posted this question below in a related thread but have no answer, and I dont seem to be able to put a support ticket in anymore...

The compiler option of O0, O1, O2, Os in Debug mode 


I have some issues with my project using a struct that wont work correctly in release. Below I have fixed it by turning optmisation down to 0 for the struct but I am not 100% sure its pushing an popping the optmizations as the "correct way" is broken (still)... Anyone confirm if this is right, or, how I should do it knowing #pragma GCC pop_options is broken? I cannot get __attribute__((optimize("O0"))) to work, if someone can tell me how to add this attribute to a struct below that might help. 



typedef struct

   int value1;

   unsigned long value2;

   char string1;


extern volatile ramtable_s RamTable;




#pragma pack(push)
#pragma GCC optimize("O0")

volatile ramtable_s RamTable =

   .value1 = 0;

   .value2 = 10;

   .string1 = "TEST";


#pragma pack(pop)


PS the #pragma GCC optimize("O0") is 100% working in this case, but, im worried its staying at level 0 for the rest of the code and I am not sure how to prove / disprove this.


the other way to resolve this is to have some sort of SECTION defined and KEEP  it in the linker.