Carl Norman

S08 QD2 wont run code if PTA4 has 10K Ohm load

Discussion created by Carl Norman on Jul 30, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2008 by Carl Norman
Hi guys,

Any idea's why my code wont run when I run a 10K Ohm to ground on PTA4?

The software just sets SOPT1 to 0x00 so there is no BDM. The code just toggles PTA4 at 500uS. No load, it works great, add 30K Ohm to ground, still works great, change to 10K Ohm, the output just sits at about Vcc/2 (3.3V / 2). Not, I am only talking about powering it up. If I power up with no load on PTA4, then connect the load, its works fine.

I have also even tried setting up PTADS_PTADS4 = 1; PTADD_PTADD4 = 1;

It appears that the processor just cannot boot with any load less thant about 15K ohm.