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Nt3H2211 reader

Question asked by role role on Mar 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by Wigros Sun


   I want to use the ntag (nt3H2211) to develop product,but i have some questions about the reader.

The reader in the Ntag I2C plus explorer ket (OM5569/nt322ER) ,i can not find somewhere to buy.


This ntag is complianted ISO/IEC 14443 part 2 and part 3,  so  if it means it was not compliant ISO/IEC 14443 part 1 and part 4?


I have some other readers ,but it can not to read the data in this ntag,except the first page. the first page  data that i read by other reader is not entirely correctly , the first byte is some others.


Q1: If i don't want to develop the reader, which reader i can choose,and i can buy it easily,

Q2 : If i need to develop the reader ,how i can develop,where i can get the datum about the reader and ntag?

Q3: which is the difference between the readers,if this ntag has a special transfer protocol?