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KDS 3.2 Linked Project is not copying files?

Question asked by Jason Scott on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by Jason Scott

Hi everyone,


I am having a weird issue. 

Something is not getting copied correctly when i rebuild my bsp/psp libraries.

I am doing a build for a custom board using MQX 4.2.

I made changes to the header file that has my pin definitions in it (XXX_k60n512.h).

I did a clean build of the bsp library where i thought it would copy over the file to the '\lib\debug' folder upon completion.


In ther KDS i right-click on one of the definitions i added....


and i get this error....


I do not get any compile errors for not finding BSP_FPGA_CE1. (I assume i would?).


Next odd occurrence...

I tried to Open the declaration of the another define....


and it took me to a different define?



How can i fix this problem?