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Extend ZCL command timeouts in HA SDK App

Question asked by Ryan Fleming on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

Hi Guys,


I have noticed that when using the the HA SDK (JN-SW-4168) on a custom board and using the JN-AN-1223 ZigBee GUI that after a while, that an "APS Fail" starts to come in. Sniffing the channel I can see that the payload does come back eventually, but sometimes its up to 3s afterwards. I am unsure if it is because the Stack starts to hound the router (I can see it sends 8 messages within 1.2s of my sniffers time).


I can confirm this plug works very successfully with other ZigBee Coordinators purchased.


Profile: HA 1.2


Nonetheless, with other stacks in the past I have been able to set custom timeouts on this commands to not issue an error for some time, typically 3-10s.


I also notice that reading the Neighbour table every 15 minutes that the only device in my network sometimes disappears and has to do a route dicsovery to find it again.


The following response is what I received from the ZigBee GUI app mentioned above. The support sniffer image is attached with the highlighted payload and all responses following. Note: Only one request was sent.


Type: 0x8000 (Status)
   Length: 4
   Status: 0x00 (Success)
   SQN: 0x06

Type: 0x8702 (APS Data Confirm Fail)
   SQN: 0xE9
   Status: 0x01
   Source Endpoint: 0x01
   Destination Endpoint: 0x02
   Destination Mode: 0xD3
   Destination Address: 0x01

Type: 0x8101 (Default Response)
   SQN: 0x06
   EndPoint: 0x01
   Cluster ID: 0x0006 (General: On/Off)
   Command: 0x00
   Status: 0x00