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Problem when Operating IMX6D processor at 996MHz

Question asked by Ram Manohar on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by Ram Manohar

Hello All,


I have question regarding CPU operating at 996MHZ?

My hardware board is having a Imx6 Dual processor & DDR3 supporting 2GB.


The system is stable when I operate the CPU at frequency 900MHZ with GPU, MMU, L1 cache and Branch prediction enabled. But the system aborts when I try to increase my CPU frequency above 900MHz.


To solve this problem I have calibrated the DDR & also ran the DDR stress test overnight and there is no data corruption found and the calibrated values seems to be fine.


But in the processor datasheet it is mentioned that, to operate the cpu at 996MHz it is desired to change the LDO Output set points, Please refer the Datasheet Operating ranges Tabe 6.


I have probed my board to measure both input and the LDO output voltages, and the results are detailed below:


  1. VDD_ARM_IN & VDD_ARM23_IN = 1.425V supplied from PMIC SWA/B
  2. VDD_SOC_IN=1.425V supplied from PMIC SWCOutputs:
  3. VDD_ARM_CAP & VDD_ARM23_CAP= 1.175Volts
  4. VDD_SOC_CAP= 1.170Volts
  5. VDD_PU_CAP= 1.170Volts


Please let me do i really need to set the digital LDO outputs to the voltage of 1.250 Volts to operate the CPU frequeny at 996MHz, as they have specified in the datasheet?


Also let me know, what will be  of the default LDO Mode, and if required how to change the mode?



Many Thanks,