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Question asked by Daniel Vaquerizo on Mar 27, 2017
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In adc_8xx.c there is a function to calibrate the ADC: Chip_ADC_StartCalibration:


/* Start ADC calibration */
void Chip_ADC_StartCalibration(LPC_ADC_T *pADC)
    /* Set calibration mode */


    /* Clear ASYNC bit */


    /* Setup ADC for about 500KHz (per UM) */
    Chip_ADC_SetClockRate(pADC, 500000);


    /* Clearn low power bit */


    /* Calibration is only complete when ADC_CR_CALMODEBIT bit has cleared */


I am working with a LPC824. Why is firstly the /*Set calibration mode*/?, shouldn't it be last after the 500KHz SetClockRate?.


And other cuestion, what does it mean by ADC_CR_CALMODEBIT?  it says in UM10800.pdf at page 327 "21.6.1 ADC Control Register"  that the bit 8 (the corresponding of ADC_CR_CALMODEBIT) is reserved.


Thanks so much and regards. Daniel.