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MCF5441x FB_CLK Spec clarification

Question asked by Ewan Wordsworth on Mar 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by TomE


I'm wondering if anyone can confirm or clarify the FlexBus Clock (FB_CLK) specification on

the MCF5441x series of parts please?


In the datasheet the FB_CLK is defined as SYSCLK / 2, Sysclk being the core frequency

which is specified at min 120Mhz, Max 250Mhz. From that, I would assume that the FlexBus Clock

(being sys/2) would be min 60Mhz, Max 125Mhz, however, the spec in the data sheet states

that min = 60Mhz (as expected) but the max is [only] 100Mhz.


This leads me to wonder :

a).. Is the 100Mhz max supposed to be 125Mhz? or,

b).. Is the 100Mhz max because of a pin driver limitation (slew rate / loading etc?)

c).. if the max is actually 100Mhz, and FB_CLK is always Sys/2, then perhaps the core clock

      must be limited to 200Mhz while the Flexbus is enabled?

d).. perhaps the statement that FB_CLK = SYS/2 is misleading and they are separately derived 

      clocks from the VCO frequency and FB_CLK must be half or less than half of the SYS clock?

I'm suspecting that the answer is 'd' but the diagrams and text are confusing, always talking about FB_CLK

being SYS/2 - for example the MCF5441x Reference Manual (Rev 4) in Table 8-4 ( PLL_DR Field Descriptions),

for OUTDIV2, and Figure 8.1 (Device Clock Connections).


Thanks in advance for any help / comments.