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How to enable ClearRxBuf?

Question asked by Arturo Arteaga on Mar 27, 2017
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I´m developing a serial application. In my application my MK20DX256VLH7 microcontroller is waiting for a date that is sent from the PC by serial line. I've just managed to receive a date from PC to microcontroller, but the problem is that I want to clear the buffer once the microcontroller has read the data that has been received. The ClearRXBuf funtion that I hope to do this functionality, it's disabled, and I don't know how to enable this function, because when I click right in this method in "Components View" to select "Toggle Enable/Disable" this option is desabled.


I show you in the next image what I want to mean.


ClearRxBuf disabled


On the other hand in Methods tab from Component Inspector View, I'm disabled to generate code for this function. I show you in the next image.




Does anyone know how to enable this function?


Do I have to configurate some settings in Component Inspector View to generate this function?? Do I have to add a new plugging??


Thanks for your help in advance.




Arturo Arteaga