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MKV58F1M0VLQ24 ADC values stuck at fixed number

Question asked by Paul Schoenke on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by vicentegomez

Hello NXP support:


I have a customer that’s having issues with the ADCs on the MKV58F1M0VLQ24. They are seeing data corruption and frozen ADC’s during it operation. 


This is happening on their custom hardware.  I have asked, but they cannot share the schematic currently and we’re checking to see if we can get an NDA in place.


They are using KDS 2.0 and it has happened on multiple systems.


They are using 8 channels on HSADC0 and 12 channels on HSADC1 running at 30kHz.  They’re using an off-chip reference (Validated the reference was solid at 3.3V)


A more complete description of the problem would be that they start the project up and begin monitoring the ADC’s.  Everything is working fine.  Once they start their PWM modulation they will eventually see the ADC read a value of either 0x4000 or 0x0800 and never change again.  Twenty-five percent of the time the ADC will recover but a vast majority of the time they must cycle power to the board to recover the ADC to properly read again.


Do you have any feedback or suggestions as to what we can look into to help debug and resolve this issue?


Any feedback or input is welcomed and appreciated!

Thanks again!