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MPC5748G   startup.S

Question asked by chen xiubo on Mar 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by chen xiubo

Hello,team :


        I  found  the startup.S  function that difference between the MPC5748G demos : flexcan_receive(...:\flexcan_receive\flexcan_receive_Z4_0\Project_Settings\Startup_Code),



Here the pictures are below:

1.flexcan_receive : e_b __dcache_cfg   in  the  __dcache_inv


 2.  linflexd_uart : e_b __icache_cfg   in  the  __dcache_inv



Now I uesd  flexcan_receive  example  in my project,   and  we  needed  to integrate  uart(channel 2)  receive  module. linflexd_uart example  can receive the correct char which we need, but  in my project  uart ch2  always received  '0'. I contrasted these  examples,and found there is differece betwwen them  in  Startup_Code.    I  copyed the 
linflexd_uart\linflexd_uart_Z4_1\Project_Settings\Startup_Code \  startup.S  to flexcan_receive\flexcan_receive_Z4_0\Project_Settings\Startup_Code\ startup.S .At last  uart ch2   can receive the correct char which we need.