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Setting TX power to max values on JN516x devices

Question asked by Alpay Onbasi on Mar 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Francois Robbe

I have JN5168-001-M05 module (max 9.5dBm) on my gateway and jn5169 SoC (max 10 dBm) on custom end device. How can I set the max tx power levels on these devices?


From the datasheets I have tried,

for JN5168-001-M05 module,

vAppApiSetHighPowerMode(APP_API_MODULE_HPM05, TRUE);
eAppApiPlmeSet(PHY_PIB_ATTR_TX_POWER, (uint32)9);


for JN5169 SoC ,

vAppApiSetHighPowerMode(APP_API_MODULE_STD, TRUE);
eAppApiPlmeSet(PHY_PIB_ATTR_TX_POWER, (uint32)10);


But I did not see any change on distance. What is the exact code for setting the max power level?