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How to read out the Freemaster  TSA table from another MCU

Question asked by kiger Zhang on Mar 25, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by kiger Zhang

      I use  the "Kinetis KM3x_256 MCU Three-Phase Metering Reference Design"  as metering  part of my 3-Ph power protect module.  That embedded the Freemaster  by using the SCI driver.   That can  easily be calibrated and turned by the Freemaster PC program .

      But  In my system the parameters need to be read out by another MCU (Keaz64) .   In order to simplify the interface  the Keaz64 will  use the same ISO UART to read the parameters .



   I read through  the  KM3x_256 code ,but not found the clear   scheme to read the TSA tabe . 


  Could anyone provide an  example   to demo the communication of the Freemaster PC with the board  ?

Or any  document  to indicate the communication protocol ?