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MK60 can not transfer data to bidband address?

Question asked by yong liu on Mar 25, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2017 by yong liu

As title say,I want to transfer test[]   (uint_32 test[4] = {0,1,0,1} ) to bitband to turn on and turn off a LED periodically .For example the bidband is GPIO PIN6 .

At first , I set the destiny address as another string ,like test2[]   (uint_32 test[4] ), also the offset is 4 .DMA transfered  successfully. and the dma interrupt is ok.

Then I changed the destiny address as bitband address,, offset is 0 .it seems that DMA can not work.

Code is saved in my office which can't be copied , or I will upload them .

I just confused that bidband area is a addrsss as usual, why 

So, do you know anything about DMA and bitband ?If you know ,please tell me .