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How to restore nxh2280 through LPCXpresso ?

Question asked by Esg Baek on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by LPCX presso support


We bought NxH2280 development kit - there are 3 NxH2280 development boards.

One out of 3 seems to have some troubles - I am not sure whether hardware or software problem.


I have just evaluated one board for few days - project debug/ firmware programing etc.

After that, one board seems not work, because I have debugged through LPCXpresso.

it can not get HostApi_GetVersion(&tagOnlyParams, &getVersionResult);

- NxH2280 seems stay Bootloader always or not work in deed.


therefore I 've read your document to store nxh2280 and did it following procedure

1. Build "Audio48KHz" and Debug on LPCXpresso.

2. Move SLIDER3 to up to program nxh2280 and run Audio48Khz project.

3. After finish programming EEPROM of nxh2280, move SLIDER3 down and power cycle.

( of course IIC jumper connected between LPC1115 and nxh2280).

4. Debug again and it always stay while() loop.

     - it should work after step4, so I think it could be hardware problem.

  /* Give the device time to boot from EEPROM */
#if (0)
  int r = HostApi_GetVersion(&tagOnlyParams, &getVersionResult);
  HostApi_GetVersion(&tagOnlyParams, &getVersionResult);

 } while ((getVersionResult.type & 0x3) != 1);


please advise how to solve this problem.