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Problems of PIT Interrupt

Question asked by 乐舟 叶 on Mar 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by Martin Kovar

Hi ,

I debugged the .elf from example "MPC5744P-HardwareVectoreMode-S32DS" using S32DS 1.1 ,then it runs well and achieve the ideal output. However ,when building a new project and coping  all the source code of MPC5744P-HardwareVectoreMode-S32DS.c file ,adding " exceptions.s"、、"HW_Vector.c" and replacing “Vector.c”、"MPC57xx__Interrupt_Init.c" to this new project , errors occurred :

when pit0 generate an interrupt , it will jump into the page like below : 



Do you know  if it is because I lost some file which is necessary or I miss to configure something ? My project is upload below.  Please give me some advise.







Original Attachment has been moved to: PIT_0-blind-LED-and-PIN-interrupt.rar