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Regarding i.MX6UL datasheet

Question asked by Surendra Jadhav on Mar 23, 2017
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Earlier I was referring to i.MX6UL datasheet "i.MX 6UltraLiteApplications Processorsfor Consumer Products" with document rev no. as "Document Number: IMX6ULCEC Rev. 1, 04/2016".--> It was in April 2016

Now I received three datasheets of i.MX6UL with No. as "Document Number: IMX6ULCEC Rev. 2, 02/2017"-->Feb. 2017.

Also there are three different datasheets for consumer, Industrial and Automotive grade.

Is there any design differece between old and new datasheets, as my schematic design is complete and I am into PCB layout stage.