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Processor expert missing setting

Question asked by laurent henault on Mar 23, 2017
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I need to use processor expert to set up SMC module to allow for LLS mode.


In processor expert I have the processor Cpu: MKL17Z256VFM4  with the settings Very low power modes and very low leakage stop mode but it doesn't have option to allow LLS.


I also added the SMC component and in this one I can set to allow LLS. The problem is that when the generated code for this part is run, the SMC_PMPROT register has already been written by the generated code for the CPU so it's not rewritten according to normal behavior.


I can go change the #define SYSTEM_SMC_PMPROT_VALUE in system_MKL17Z4.h but it will be overwritten whenever this code is automatically generated again.


Any options to help me with this? I am using SKD 1.3 and don't really have the option to change it.