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What is the current Kinetis peripheral configuration tool?

Question asked by Jonathan Scott on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2017 by Rhys Drummond


I've found this KDS --> KDS SDK --> MCUXpresso transition really confusing.  I have been using PE in KDS v3 to generate initialization files, but then I use uVision to complete the project.  Now, I have a new bare-metal project targeting an MKL17Z64xxx4.  This device is not supported in Processor Expert, but PEx has been replaced by Kinetis Expert, right?  KEx Version 2.0 is nice, but it isn't linked to KDS v3, and all it seems to do is configure pins, clocks, and peripheral routing... Where is the peripheral configuration GUI?  


Also, it seems MCUXpresso IDE is recommended for new designs, but after days of waiting for the release, the IDE documentation says nothing about peripheral configuration.  And the MCUXpresso Config tool is the same as KEx.. no peripheral configuration.


In what tool can I configure peripherals for the MKL17Z64xxx4?


Thank you in advance!