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RGPIOs access from DMA

Question asked by Eukeni Urkiaga on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2017 by Eukeni Urkiaga


i am working with MCF54418. I need to set a GPIO when i detect the fifth falling edge in other signal.  First I tried to change  the GPIO_PPDSDR from the DMA (using the DTIM0 and DT0IN). It works but it is slower than i need so i decided to use RGPIOS. So I try to change  the RGPIO_DATA (0x8C000002) from the DMA (DTIM0), but, this does not work, and there is no feedback info in EDMA error status register. I have tried to change the RGPIO_DATA register from interrupt instead of DMA and it works but it is not so fast (2us) as i need.  


My question is: Are the RGPIOs registers accessible from the DMA?I have done many,many tests and it seems they are not accesible forma DMA, it seems they are only accessible from the code or the interrups . Or, do i need to change any other register?


thx in advance.