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Kinetis SDK USB abort

Question asked by Martin Dusek on Mar 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by Martin Dusek


on MK22F I run USB CDC ACM device, full speed. It connects to Win10 app. The app reads data from the device, they arrive at approx. 500 kB/s. I have a problem that some packets are lost during transfer, mainly when Win10 app is even little busy (e.g. when I move its window - it is GUI app)


I used USB sniffer and I can see that during these busy periods sometimes 0xc0010000 (=USBD_STATUS_CANCELED) error occurs on the bulk endoint and then in subsequent packet I can see that some data were lost.


Is there to detect this error on MK22F and to retransmit the data? I want the transfer to be 100% reliable.