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how to get uboot and kernel sources from Yocto

Question asked by CHANDANAPRIYA SALVA on Mar 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by CHANDANAPRIYA SALVA

Dear sir,


   I am chandana .we are using i.mx6 solo-lite processor for out epos terminal ,previously we have customized kernel ,u-boot,and roots(with no device tree 2009.08 u boot and 3.035 kernel)now we are trying to migrate to higher version of kernel and uboot i..e  3.10 & 2014  respectively with device tree support.

At first we have deployed the images in yocto configured for mx6slevk.Now how can i compile the uboot and kernel for

our customized board from sources of yocto.

      how to load kernel and uboot  with device tree through sdcard .kindly help me in this regard