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SC18IM700 endless loop when reading.

Discussion created by Jesper Sandberg on Mar 23, 2017
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We are using a SC18IM700 in a new design we are working on, and I have ran into a problem, which seems a lot like a HW error in the SC18IM700.

When reading (using a read or repeated read / read after write), the SC18IM700 enters an endless loop, which only can be exited by resetting the chip. The scenario can be reproduced everytime, by reading a certain amount of bytes from e.g. an I2C Eeprom. This is a serious problem to our design.


If I read 48 bytes, it goes fine and if I read 64 bytes, the SC18IM700 keep reading from the device forever, until it is reset.


OK Case (reading 48 bytes):

Reading 48 bytes goes fine.


Failure case (reading 64 bytes)

Reading 64 bytes goes wrong. Endless loop.


Reading continues forever as shown below