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Compatability of mc9s08ac48cpue and mc9s08ac60cpue?

Question asked by Michael Fugere on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Kris Rutecki

We are having issues (long lead times, allocation) with many distributors trying to buy the MC9S08AC60CPUE which I have designed into one of our latest products (uses (2) of these parts per product) amd released to production.  We have run through the first 1-2K parts in the first production run this month.   We have several thousands of these on backorder with different distributors, now.  


I have not used all of the Flash space in either of these parts and I think that the Flash space in MC9S08AC48CPUE will be sufficient.  However, we have just qualified the product and the code and I do *not* want to pursue the idea of making the AC48 an approved alternate unless the exact firmware images can be used in either chip (48 or 60).   This would require that all peripherals and memory maps, and ISR vectors (everytihng except for the upper amount of flash memory above 48K)   *MUST* be the same.   From the combined datasheet (AC32, AC48, AC60) it isn't completely clear that this is the case or not.


If you can assure me that the AC48CPUE package will be a drop in replacement and program (with any target ID change on the programmer) with the same firmware that was developed on the AC60CPUE but only uses the lower 36K of user flash, I will buy some of these chips to sample and try.


It seems with the NXP acquisition of Freescale, that production lead times and product availability are still not going in the proper direction yet?


Thank you for any assistance.

Mike Fugere

Jewell Instruments LLC