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Erase LPC4337 with mxli

Question asked by Elias Mueggler on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by Marc Prager

I am trying to flash an LPC4337 with mxli3-1. The command I try is the following:

./mxli -d /dev/ttyUSB0 -b115200 -c12M -i -e A -x my.hex 


There seems to be a problem when I want to erase:

LPC4337, IDs=0xA001CA30 & 0xFFFFFFFF, 0x00000000 & 0x000000FF
FLASH: 512kiB @ 0x1A000000, 512kiB @ 0x1B000000
RAM: 32kiB @ 0x10000000, 40kiB @ 0x10080000
ISP data protocol:UUENCODE
ISP RAM usage:0x10080000..0x100801FF, 0x10089EE0..0x10089FFF
A0 : 0x1A000000..0x1A001FFF 8kiB
A1 : 0x1A002000..0x1A003FFF 8kiB
A2 : 0x1A004000..0x1A005FFF 8kiB
A3 : 0x1A006000..0x1A007FFF 8kiB
A4 : 0x1A008000..0x1A009FFF 8kiB
A5 : 0x1A00A000..0x1A00BFFF 8kiB
A6 : 0x1A00C000..0x1A00DFFF 8kiB
A7 : 0x1A00E000..0x1A00FFFF 8kiB
A8 : 0x1A010000..0x1A01FFFF 64kiB
A9 : 0x1A020000..0x1A02FFFF 64kiB
A10: 0x1A030000..0x1A03FFFF 64kiB
A11: 0x1A040000..0x1A04FFFF 64kiB
A12: 0x1A050000..0x1A05FFFF 64kiB
A13: 0x1A060000..0x1A06FFFF 64kiB
A14: 0x1A070000..0x1A07FFFF 64kiB
B0 : 0x1B000000..0x1B001FFF 8kiB
B1 : 0x1B002000..0x1B003FFF 8kiB
B2 : 0x1B004000..0x1B005FFF 8kiB
B3 : 0x1B006000..0x1B007FFF 8kiB
B4 : 0x1B008000..0x1B009FFF 8kiB
B5 : 0x1B00A000..0x1B00BFFF 8kiB
B6 : 0x1B00C000..0x1B00DFFF 8kiB
B7 : 0x1B00E000..0x1B00FFFF 8kiB
B8 : 0x1B010000..0x1B01FFFF 64kiB
B9 : 0x1B020000..0x1B02FFFF 64kiB
B10: 0x1B030000..0x1B03FFFF 64kiB
B11: 0x1B040000..0x1B04FFFF 64kiB
B12: 0x1B050000..0x1B05FFFF 64kiB
B13: 0x1B060000..0x1B06FFFF 64kiB
B14: 0x1B070000..0x1B07FFFF 64kiB
Copy RAM to FLASH block sizes: 512, 1024, 4096, 0, 0
ERROR: erase failed

On Windows I did not encounter any problems when using FlashMagic. Any help would be appreciated.