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mxc_i2c_slave_test fails

Question asked by Gaurav Kumar on Mar 21, 2017
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I am trying to test i.mx6 i2c test(mxc_i2c_slave_test) on i.mx6 Ultra Lite EVK board but can't figure out the test code flow and any specific steps I need to follow(if required). The test is failing upon execution of "mxc_i2c_slave_test.out" file and the log I am getting is:


root@imx6ulevk:/unit_tests# ./mxc_i2c_slave_test.out

i2c-slave-test:open device error

i2c-slave-test: slave thread: Fail

i2c-slave-test:master thread:about to receive 100 bytes

i2c-slave-test:master thread: read error

i2c-slave-test:master thread: Fail


Also, in the source code "mxc_i2c_slave_test.c", there is I2C Slave(macro "I2C_SLAVE_DEV") which is mapping to "/dev/slave-i2c-0" but there's no such node present in my "/dev/". Can someone please help me on this?