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USB copy speed with MQX4.2 ColdFire MCF52259

Question asked by Aftab Sarwar on Mar 22, 2017
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I'm using MQX ver. 4.2 on MCF52254, Coldefire MCU. In my applications, I'm copying files from USB to SD card. Everything is fine except the copy speed. Currently it takes around 15-16 seconds to copy a 1MB file, i.e, around 62kB/sec throughput which is very slow considering a USB 2.0 interface.

In my code I am using Shell_copy function to perform copy.

Is there any member who has experienced the same, how to accelerate the USB copy process.

One of the solution I have read in the forum is to replace the KHCI drivers with EHCI, but MQX_USB_Host_User_Guide.pdf page 20 says that EHCI is used in high end V4 Coldfire devices, MCF52259 family is a V2 device.

Some member suggest that MQX Ver.5 should be used, but this MQX ver. is only for Kinetics device, not for Coldfire architecture.

That means we need some changes in the KHCI driver? Or any other solution?

Please guide if someone else has done that.