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Does Large memory model work for S12G192 controller ?

Question asked by Ramakanth Kona on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by Radek Sestak


I am trying to use SRecCvt program to convert S Record file to s12g192app.s19 format so that it can be programmed using PROG12Z programmer.


The .sx file flashes and works fine when I flash the ECU using Codewarrior IDE over P&E USB Multilink. 

However if .s19 file is flashed using PROG12Z programmer, it flashes okay, but ECU doesn't function as expected.

Trying to figure what could be wrong ?


Someone mentioned to me that - "Freescale decided to drop support for the large memory model (as
seen in the .s19 file)" as quoted. Is this true, if so just wanted to know where it is referenced in the Freescale documentation? 
I am questioning the statement because the SRecCvt GUI version drop down menu has S12G128 option. 


Any feedback is appreciated.


Thank you.