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Reading SPI Master Respose data in MPC5777M

Question asked by Sandeep Nagarajan on Mar 22, 2017
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Hi All,   Martin Kovar     #spidriverformpc5777M #ReadingMastermoduleresponsedata #spidriveracknowledgement

       As we are working on the SPI driver for MPC5777M, we could successfully transfer data and communicating with

the external peripherals, But i am not sure how does the slave send the response data to the master . Because in SPI protocol, the clock is controlled by master, for a successfull data transfer we need clock, as the clock doesnt have control over clock,

         (1) How will the slave SPI module sends the response to the Master SPI module.

         (2) Could anyone specify the steps to be taken while initiate the data transfer from slave to master.



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Sandeep Nagarajan