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Clarifications requested on how to create Memory errors...

Question asked by santhosh kumar on Mar 21, 2017
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Hi All, This is the continuation of the thread :


I got better answers/clarifications for the queries which i raised in the above thread.


Btw,This is santhosh Kumar, from Delphi, Bangalore, India.


I am working on Memory error Management Unit".


Developed the device driver with the help of Support from NXP. Thanks to NXP. But still , much Mysteries are there in MEMU . Let it be.  Planning to find out one by one in functional testing. Ref. Manual should have been designed in detailed fashion  for better and easy understanding.


Now, The point is 


1. MEMU can be tested from micro point  of view: By creating the Memory errors and made to sense by ECC ( error Correction Code) or MBIST ( Memory Built in function test) and the tester has to verify the result by reading the reporting table.

This Method is only way to test the "Error Buffer Overflow( EBO) and the Concurrent Overflow Register and the Overflow error Sources.


2. MEMU can be tested from User point of view: The Tester himself can write the Defectable address and bits in the respective reporting table status and address register and veriying the same. By this Error Status bit of respective memory Map can be checked.



I finished the Test 2 and the result seems to be satisfactory.


But i don't know how to start with Test 1. I need assistance from u r experts team to create Memory Faults/errors at the Various Memory Section ( System RAM, Peripheral RAM , FLASH) and the respective error created should be found out by ECC/MBIST such that the error address with the bad bit will be captured  by the MEMU and registered in the Reporting table.



Request you to help me out to test the above Scenario.