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MKL17Z256VFM4 Waking up from VLLS1 with LPTMER

Question asked by laurent henault on Mar 21, 2017
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I'm having trouble waking up from VLLS1 using LPTMER. I already tested the same settings and config with LLS and get the result I'm looking for  :  


Debugger disconnects, sign it went into LLS ---> 8 seconds later, led lights up when execution picks up right after __WFI(); call .


Using the same set up but putting the MCU in VLLS1, the debugger disconnects, sign it went into VLLS1 but does not reset after the expected 8 seconds.


Here's the main bit of code I do outside of initialization of SMC and LLWU from processor expert.



Here is the LLWU config code, enabling the LPTMR module as an interrupt source.




Here is the SMC config code, set up to allow the switch to VLLS1



The MCU does not appear to be resetting so I doubt it reaches the LLWU handler but here is the LLWU_irqHandler part anyway.


Hopefully that's enough information to maybe see what I could be missing that stops the MCU from either reacting to the LPTMR interrupt or from resetting once it has received the interrupt.


Thanks for the help!