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SendBlock funtion doesn´t send correct data

Question asked by Arturo Arteaga on Mar 21, 2017
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I´m new with freescale microcontrollers and I am testing a board with MK20DX256VLH7 microcontroller. I have startedwith a Project developed with the Processor Expert tool. In order to develop the application I have followed step by step "the Processor Expert Software – Microcontrollers Driver Suite Getting Started Guide" tutorial. Then when I had to test debugging I saw that the LED was flashing well with the correct frequency, but I checked that the message sent to Tera Term Application by UART wasn't correct. Tera Term has received something but there are some strange characters. The string that I send is "Hello World". The direction where is stored the string is 0xfc0 allways, although I change the string, and I saw that all characters are stored in them.

Strange characters recrived in Tera Term Application

The configuration is the same in Tera and in AS1 component, the baud rate is 9600, no parity, stop bit, 8 bits, and no control flow. 


Tera Term Configuration

UART Component Configuration

When I execute step by step inside the "AS1_SendBlock" function, I can see how the characters are saved. For example the character that I can see in *DeviceDataPrv->OutDataPtr is 0x48h, that is the hexadecimal character of first letter "H". Then later it is executed the next line:



Here I think it´s the sending order. Why don´t send the string correctly? There are something in the configuration? The configuration should be different with MK20DX256VLH7? The baud rate is ok?


In my application “AS1_SendBlock” function  is executed step by step like it should be, but when I want to see where the data are sent (in which output registers) when the transmission interrupt is enable, I don’t know where because they are unknown for me. Do you Know the registers in which appears the UART output transmission data or the UART output buffer for mK20dx256vlh7 microcontroller?? I´m reading in the datasheet and I don´t find any registers related on them. I want to see if the transmission data in these registers are the same that I want to transmit and also in order to compare with data that arrive to Tera application.


I would be very grateful for your help,


Arturo Arteaga