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Kinetis clock tool makes broken code

Question asked by Anonymous Member on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by Anonymous Member

Using the tool as a MKV11Z64xxx7. Configuring MCG for 16MHz crystal-driven oscillator, FEE mode with FRDIV=512, FLL *1280 to obtain 40MHz core, 20MHz bus/flash, and 16Mhz OSCERCLK for CAN bitrate. Tool generates code that hangs, MCG won't finish switching from FEI to FEE.

Tried making my own version based on the ref manual steps. Was able to get the oscillator going (based on scoping the crystal), and my code doesn't hang, but cannot get anything on OSCERCLK (always high) when routed to CLKOUT. Bus clock also appears to not be on the crystal source, in spite of the fact that my OSC and MCG registers match the proposed values provided by the tool. What's the secret here?