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VPU hangs

Question asked by Andrea Di Chiara on Mar 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by Andrea Di Chiara

I have a problem encoding a YUV420 frame to MJPEG and I need some help. Each time I try to encode this specific frame VPU hangs, but it works correctly with any other frames. I have found that issue encoding frames 2592x1944 obtained from a ov5640_camera, it works always without any problem but, occasionally, it comes a frame that cause that.


What could be the problem? Could VPU firmware or libvpu have a bug that cause it?
I have followed each VPU timeout issue in README file (GitHub - Freescale/libimxvpuapi: i.MX VPU API Library), but all is well configured and VPU works fine


I'm using a imx6q board with VPU firmware 3.1.1 and libvpu 5.4.32.
I have attached YUV420 binary data, could someone check it (it appears even with libimxvpuapi sample application jpeg-enc-example.c)?


thank you for the attention,
best regards
Andrea Di Chiara

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