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MiniPCIE does not work via USB bus

Question asked by 小斌 王 on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by Michael Scott

The LS1043ARDB supports USB2.0 connection on the MiniPCIE connector. I have a 4G module whose interface is MiniPCIe, the actual comminacation  bus is the USB2.0. I connect this module to the MiniPCIo connector on LS1043ARDB, the module does not work.

I found in the schematic that the USB3_ID of the USB3 which is used in MiniPCIE is floating.I think that USB3 can only be used as device/slave,can not be used as host,right?

If I was right, what should I do?

If I was wrong, Could you please tell me how to debug?


Looking forward to your reply.

Have a great day.