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emmc is not boot and not work on sd3 in uboot,but works on sd3 in kernel

Question asked by Haohua QIN on Mar 20, 2017
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Hi all

 Emmc is not boot and work on sd3 ,and not work in uboot ,but works ok on sd3 in kernel.


I use 8G emmc SDIN8DE1-8G on SD4(USDHC3) ,8-bit mode,just like sabresd board, it works ok.

I use 8G SD-card on SD3(USDHC2), 4-bit mode,it works ok.


Now,I use 8G emmc SDIN8DE1-8G on SD3(USDHC2) ,8-bit mode.And lets SD4(USDHC3)’s pin is float.



I modify kernel,disable sd3 ‘s cd and wp,and disable down:

//imx6q_add_sdhci_usdhc_imx(3, &mx6q_sabresd_sd4_data);

Now sd3 is mmcblk0.

And I modify ucl2.xml: modify sdhci-esdhc-imx.3 to sdhci-esdhc-imx.2.


Then I can download uboot ,boot.img,and system.img to emmc by sd3, download is ok.


I set boot mode is 8bit emm on sd3,then boot system ,but it is not work. Nothing is print.


I use mfgtool download and enter uboot,



MMC init failed


Then I use command:mmc dev 2;mmc rescan;mmcinfo

Print is below:

MX6SDL SABRESD U-Boot > mmcinfo


Manufacturer ID: 0

OEM: 0

Name: Tran Speed: 0

Rd Block Len: 0

MMC version 0.0

Clock: 400000

High Capacity: Yes

Capacity: 0 Bytes

Bus Width: 1-bit

Current Partition for boot: Not bootable


Uboot is 2009.08,kernel is 3.0.35,android is kk4.4.2.


I want to know what is the problem ?