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Problem when erasing boot flash.

Discussion created by Joao Freitas on Jul 28, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2008 by Joao Freitas
Hello guys,
I'm working with 56F8346 and CodeWarrior  I'm using the processor expert bean IntFlash and when I try to erase boot flash occurs problems. I debug the code and discover that two flags (PVIOL and ACCERR) of the FMUSTAT register are set when the process of erase boot flash finishes. The code is write below:
  if(BootFlash_EraseFlash(BOOT_FLASH_BLOCK) != ERR_OK);
bootError was created to report errors. But the two first methods belongs to IntFlash. I don't understand why these flags are set, because I disable the boot area protection. The mass erase command (0x41) is also being write in the FMCMD register. Does anyoney already passed through this situation? Is there any properties that has to be configured in the IntFlash bean ?
João Paulo.