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ADC HS Noise

Question asked by Giuseppe Monteleone on Mar 20, 2017

Hi guys,


we are working with LP4370 an we have some problem regarding correct setup of high speed adc. our test with only one channel active, drived by a descriptor . we shorted ref neg with input and we supplied the reference with an external source at 500mV


In another tentative we had tried to connect adc ref to internal refneg but we haven't seen any changes


in a third tentative we connected to input a function signal generator programmed with ouput dc values. Changing output values of signal generator modify the adc output value correctly, but we have still a lot of noise.


The resul of our test is a noise and the value read by adc was +/- 100 points but we expected to read a costant values. May be our setup isn't good so I would like to know the best setup for 12 bit adc.


Best Regards

Giuseppe Monteleone