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NFC 4.6.0 demo not running on LPC1769

Question asked by Ravikiran HV on Mar 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by Ravikiran HV

Hi All,


Hardware: LPC1769 Eval board + CLEV663B blueboard (eval kit)

Software:  NFC 4.6.0 secure NFC library 

DEMO:  Mifare classic demo/advance discovery loop demo/ basic discovery loop demo 


I am using above said software/hardware for my project. I am unable to run NXP released 4.6.0 software stack (downloaded from doc store) above said hardware. Being said that, I am able to compile and run the software on LPC successfully but CLEV663B fails to detect any NFC tags.  Last message displayed on UART console is 

"Ready to detect" but tags are not getting detected. 


It fails to detect all three (Mifare classic/Mifare ultra light and Mifare DesFire) type of tags which I have. These tags are detected by my mobile seamlessly and I can confirm that there is no problem in the tags which I am using.