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How to configure sampling point in CAN FD

Question asked by Kim JungHyun on Mar 20, 2017



I have to configure sampling point in CAN FD as below.

■ sampling point

   - Arbitration phase : 500K bit rate, 80% sampling point

   - Data phase : 2M bit rate, 75% sampling point

■ condition

   - CAN clock must be minimum 40MHz or more

■ MCU : S32K144(64pin)


But I could not configure sampling point as above.

I selected FIRC as CAN clock. 

 * the clock is selectable among 48, 52, 56, 60MHz

 * I could not use System OSC Clock because System OSC Range Select is up to 32MHz possible.

   CAN clock must be 40MHz or more. Refer to below picture.



I configured these values automatically and manually on S32DS but I could not match these four values as above.


Is it possible to configure these values as above?

How should I configure?

some body help me please.


■ PE clock : 60MHz


■ PE clock : 56MHz


■ PE clock : 52MHz


■ PE clock : 48MHz