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MPC5748G  stop mode and wakeup

Question asked by chen xiubo on Mar 20, 2017
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      My project now is using MPC5748G's  Sleep mode and Wakeup mode,and there is a lp_stop example in the MPC5748G demo(S32 Design Studio's demo).In the MPC5748GRM, the current is about 11 mA in the Sleep mode,but there is a differece in my testing result. I have  a MPC5748GLCEVB and a programmed DC.

First, I conncted  EVB's  power supply input(P12,1--5V,3--GND) to the DC(5V,1.5A).

Second, I downloaded the lp_stop project to the EVB using PE and S32 IDE.

But I found the current from the programmed DC window changed between 114mA (Sleep mode?)to 121mA(Wakeup mode?),  why  the current  is not about 11 mA.


     Thank you!