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KL81 SWD access timeout

Question asked by Dawei Yang on Mar 19, 2017
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I have a board with KL81 amounted on it. I use IAR and J-link to debug it.


Everything was fine, until I started Flash programming test, I have killed 3 boards! The test I have done is just following the flash driver example in SDK’s driver examples.


What I found is if I erase one sector, the software resets. The reset is caused in one of the lines in function FlashCommandSequence()(I have put this function into RAM). If I trace this function one line by one line, there is no reset. So I added a delay after CCIF bit is set and the erasing seems fine. But when the code try to write something into this sector, reset happens again. Is there any configration I need to double check? Please advise!


After I tried few tests, suddenly my IAR IDE cannot connect to my board through the J-Link. The error message is: "Communication timed out: Requested 20 bytes, received 0 bytes!

Could not read hardware status!

Abort Debug session?"


I tried to use J-Link Commander, same results.I am pretty sure this J-Link is working because I can use it to connect to STM32 mcu. Below is the screen shot of the J-Link Commander