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i,MX6 boot from eMMC 5.0 and above

Question asked by RONIT ARLINKSY on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by RONIT ARLINKSY

We have a custom board which includes :

i.MX6 solo lite


4 GB eMMC 5.0 connectd to USDHC2 configured for 8 bit DDR or SDR

We can flash the eMMC with u-boot using MFG tool

We can run u-boot from MFG tool

We are trying to run u-boot form User partition.


We read almost all the discussions regarding i,MX6 and eMMC , we tried all the solutions but the device always  falls into HID mode, we cannot pass the boot ROM and we cannot see any data coming back from the eMMC, only commands runnig from the i.MX.

We saw in previous post the iMX6 can work with eMMC 5.0 but we also saw the booting from it is not possible.


So, we have some questions:

1. can the i.MX6 (in general and solo lite specific) boot from eMMC 5.0 and above? read and write operation are working fine emulating it as eMMC 4.4, but boot is not happening?

2. if you succeeded booting from eMMC 5.0, how did you do it? what is the iMX6  fuses configuration? what is the eMMC configuration? are there any other needed tasks to be done?

3. if booting is not possible, any suggestion? should we add a NOR flash for u-boot? should we go down to eMMC4.4? will eMMC 4.4 going to be discontinued soon? we were told they are not manufactured any more.

4. is there a difference in the reset pin od the USDHC2 and USDHC 3/4? if yest what is the implication on the system in general and on the boot process specific?

5. what about i.MX7, its performance is good enough for our product, can i.MX7 boot from eMMC 5.0?


Thanks for any help you can provide.