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How to enable the tunneled mode for ACodec in IMX.6 platform

Question asked by MuMin Tsao on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by MuMin Tsao

I found that the Android ACodec has two different configurations to decode video data from HW decoder(VPU):

1. Configuring TUNNELED video playback.

2. Configuring CPU controlled video playback.


We try to configure the HW decoder to operate under tunneled mode via ACodec.

The Android code base in our platform is  L5.0.0_1.0.0, and ACodec will pass the name "" to get the extension index by "OMX_GetExtensionIndex" API.


But,  we got an error when we try to get extension index from VPU library:

01-01 19:38:15.442 E/OMXNodeInstance( 159): configureVideoTunnelMode extension is missing!
01-01 19:38:15.442 E/ACodec ( 159): configureVideoTunnelMode failed! (err -2147483648).
01-01 19:38:15.442 E/ACodec ( 159): configureTunneledVideoPlayback(0,0xb283cb08) failed!


1. Do we pass the wrong parameter to the VPU in IMX.6 platform?


2. How could we run the tunneled mode in IMX.6 VPU?