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Needs further information regarding A-004447

Question asked by Fabrice DECROP on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by Fabrice DECROP

Im'a facing an I2C issue wich seems to be related to I2C initialisation. Let me first describe my issue : I2C is going down, due to a RX NACK. I have to say that this issue regularly appears, but is not does not reproduce systematically.


When RX NACK is detected by firmware, I have no way to recover good I2C transaction. I need to shutdown my hardware. Then it goes fine.


I tried several value for SCL frequency in I2C controller register. Configuration seems to be correct.


Now, I tried to implement addendum A-004447 described for P1010 :

Nine SCL pulses cannot be generated when SDA is held low with the
sequence provided in documentation


Now, I don't see RX NACK anymore, but some transcations doesn't succed due to timeout. This timeout comes from a wait for the bus to be ready before any write or read cycle.


First, I would like to know if addendum A-004447 comes from RX NACK ?

How this should be implemtend ? In I2C init, or in write/read cycle of I2C bus ?

Do you have an explanation of value used in this implementation for register (0x00, 0x22, 0xa2 and so on) ?


Why this addendum is not implemented by OS provider (Linux for example ?)


Thanks for your help

Fabrice DECROP


This link describes the overall addendum :