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MQX Lite IDLE Task problem

Question asked by Yadhukrishnan V M on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by Daniel Chen


   I am new to MQX Lite. I am trying to do a project in MQX Lite using code warrier. I read the MQX Lite user's manual and created a project with 3 tasks. I use the _task_create_at function in the first task.

_task_create_at(0, TASK2_TASK, 0, Task2_task_stack, TASK2_TASK_STACK_SIZE);
_task_create_at(0, TASK3_TASK, 0, Task3_task_stack, TASK3_TASK_STACK_SIZE);


I need to run TASK2 and TASK3 in while(1) loop, when I try ffor that only TASK3 is running within the while(1) loop. So please anybody tell me how to do that. There is another problem, whenever other tasks are blocked the program will stop by PE_DEBUGHALT. I think my program is not running the IDLE task when other tasks are blocked. Please help on this I cannot go further without the knowledge about MQX Lite.