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High Power Amplifier design requirement band 1.5MHz to 30MHz

Question asked by Rajan Kumar on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by Rajan Kumar

Hi all,

My project requirement is to design and develop a High power Amplifier module in HF band (1.5Mhz to 30MHz).

The desired P1dB of the module is 150Watt .Considering the losses due to isolator, switch and filters we have decided to select a transistor with nearly 300W output.

From nxp website , I have found following suitable devices:


1. MRFE6VP6300HR5/HR3

2. MMRF1310HSR5

2. MRF6VP5300NR1


All of these devices have operating frequency of 1.8MHz to 600MHz (or more) with 300W output.

Our requirements are high efficiency across the band and gain flatness.


Kindly help me in finalizing the device .