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Sector Header details for MC9S12XET256

Question asked by Hemavathy Devarajan on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by Radek Sestak

I'm working with DFlash in MC9S12XET256.

The address starts from 0x10_0000 to 0x10_7FFF.

At every start of the sector, for 4 bytes I can see few fixed values (FA CF 00 00 / FF FF 00 00).

I'm aware that these are the sector header. It gives information about Erase count, sector state etc.


1) I need the complete break up of this sector header bytes.

    i.e., Which bits denote erase count, sector state. If I can get any other details from these bits.

2) In the last sector ie., 0x10_7F00, I can write only from 0x10_7F08. Why is it so?

3) If the DFlash is used as User type (not as FEE), should I update the sector? Or the update will be done automatically.