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Android Runtime engine on Linux

Question asked by sandesh d on Mar 16, 2017
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We are working on Android apps install and execute on Linux platform, where we would like to bringup Android Runtime Engine(RTE) on Linux platform. if anyone tried the Android RTE on Linux platform:

-  we need to install and execute android third party apps on Android RTE,, what the changes we need to do w.r.t Linux platform.

-  we need to execute Android RTE on background layer in Linux UI.

- How we can access Linux resources like local data storage, network storage and other Linux system resources .

- Access Linux BSP and multimedia functionalities from Android RTE.

- Any changes related to Graphics driver.

- Do we need to modify any changes in Android RTE if any third party requires new system resources.

- Does this effect the system performance.

- Generally Android on i.MX6 takes > 30 seconds booting time, if we bringup Android RTE on Linux platform, what is the system booting time.


It will helpful for us to understand the Android RTE on Linux platform.



Sandesh D