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UJA1023 Configuration

Question asked by michaelbohle on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by Adam Urban


I'm trying to configure the LIN I/O slave UJA1023.


Following the instructions of the datasheet, I send this LIN-Message to the slave:

SB SF 3C 60 06 B1 11 00 00 00 04 D2 // Assign frameID, default NAD used and ID(PxReq) = 04,ID(PxResp) = 05

I would expect to receive to following answer (as described in the datasheet):

SB SF 7D 60 01 F1 FF FF FF FF FF AC // Positive response

But I get no response from the slave.


I've also tried other messages. My NAD is 0x60 (HEX) -> C1, C2, C3 to GND. The LIN-Bus is ok (Power, no failure). I can send valid frames and monitor them with a "LIN-Sniffer". I've tried three different UJA's. No success.


Does anyone have an idea, where the problem could be? Maybe I do something wrong?

Thank you very much for any hint/answer!


Best regards

M. Bohle